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Solar DC charging via ChaDeMo, using MPPT controller

RAV4 EV main battery power is 18kW.
Intended solar system power is 2560W (101V x 25A).
MPPT is 120V, 30A.

Logically, I should be able to plug the PV output directly into the ChaDeMo port.
With this low Wattage, I even may not need to run the A/C.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Solar DC charging via ChaDeMo, using MPPT controller

So many issues have to line up for this to work.

1. MPPT operating voltage (or DC-DC output) must be compatible with the battery voltage of ~320-386VDC
2. CHAdeMO protocol must be observed in order for the car to pass battery voltage to the socket.
3. CHAdeMO protocol should be observed to ensure the battery is not over-charged.
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